Maps of NSNC Boundaries

Here is a map of the “certified” Northridge South Neighborhood Council:


Static Versions: 

Community Resource Map

  • Click here – PDF – (includes LAPD car information too)

Bureau of Engineering NSNC Boundary Map


Here is the description of the boundaries:

North: Nordhoff St from Winnetka Ave to Corbin Ave, then Nordhoff Way from Corbin Ave to Nordhoff St, then continuing on Nordhoff St again to the flood control channel (Bull Creek) between Petit Ave and Hayvenhurst Ave.
East: The flood control channel (Bull Creek) from Nordhoff St to Roscoe Blvd.
South: Roscoe Blvd from the flood control channel (Bull Creek) between Hayvenhurst Ave and Roscoe Pl to Louise Ave, then Louise Ave from Roscoe Blvd to Saticoy St, then Saticoy St from Louise Ave to White Oak Ave, then White Oak Ave from Saticoy St to Roscoe Blvd, then Roscoe Blvd from White Oak Ave to Corbin Ave.
West: Corbin Ave from Roscoe Blvd to Parthenia St, then Parthenia St from Corbin Ave to Winnetka Ave, then Winnetka Ave from Parthenia St to Nordhoff St.



Neighborhood Councils  – Map of each

Map of all neighborhood councils in the City of Los Angeles