Outreach & Communications Committee

Chair: Pending

Outreach is always ongoing.  This website is a key part of our outreach and communication strategy.  But more is always being considered.  If you have ideas for outreach, please let us know – click here.

Why do we do Outreach?

To provide stakeholders the necessary information regarding the opportunity to participate in their local Neighborhood Council, Northridge South.

– To meet the needs and priorities of external community groups.
– To raise self-esteem and confidence, and stimulate creativity amongst participants.
– To raise community expectations and educational attainment.
– To teach new skills which can be sustained beyond the life of the outreach.
– To build community cohesion and reduce social exclusion.
– To work towards an enhanced sense of place and identity, increasing the value that communities place on their local environment and the sense of pride and ownership in the place where they live.
– To enrich your organization by challenging you to look at what you do, why and who for when faced with groups with different priorities and perspectives to your traditional audience.
– To enable people to understand the historic environment in a sustained and sustainable way to ensure its long-term future.

More is being done with outreach every day.  We are getting the word out attending various functions in and around our area.  One large component of our applications package clearly needs specific information about our outreach.

Please contact me,  Chris Sales,  if you have questions about our outreach, please send me any information you can about your outreach activities, what activities you have been to and how much time you have spent on them.  I can be emailed at info@northridgesouth.org.  It is very important that we have a full accounting our our outreach activities.